Friday, 3 April 2015

Child, Adult and Family Counselling - Changanacherry

Consolace now offers professional counselling services at Changanassery.

Child Counselling – Are your kids suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder problems, Emotional Imbalances, or Other problems? Letting your child talk to a Counsellor can reveal hidden reasons that lead to such problems. Remove the obstacles in your child's healthy development and help them develop into a great person. Child Counselling by Consolace helps you identify the problems your child face and get practical ideas to help your child.

Adolescent Counselling – Is your teenager showing emotional imbalances, spending too much time with Mobile Phone or Internet, or distancing themselves away from you? There may be more problems than you imagine. Let them talk to a Professional Counsellor who can identify the real issues behind Adolescent Behaviour – Emotional Imbalances, Difficulty Concentrating on Studies, Internet and Mobile abuse, etc.

Family Counselling – Is your family happy? If you feel your family is about to break down, you can bring happiness back – simply by talking. Find the right person to talk to. You will find the tensions between husband and wife, the stress happening among the family members, and the problems arising out of nowhere have professional help. Let your family stay united and happy. That is the most valuable thing you can get in your life.

Consolace Counselling services are available at Changanassery. 
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