Child Counseling Center Trivandrum

Consolace child counselling center Trivandrum offers child counselling services in Malayalam and helps kids identify causes of stress and design a positive environment conductive for their wellbeing, growth, and development.

Consolace counselling center offers professional child counselling services in Trivandrum. At Consolace, you will identify the ways in which your child is under stress. Then you will discover ways of changing home environment to reduce stress and tensions at home. Once that happens, your child becomes happier and less prone to stress and tensions. You will see your child concentrating more on academics.

Contact Consolace if you know your child is under stress and is not able to perform well at school. Contact us if your child shows the following signs:

   Unnatural mood swings
   Difficulty in concentrating on studies
   Always under stress or tensions
   Angry without reason
   Withdrawn or unnaturally silent
   Shows no interest in meeting or talking to family members, friends, or neighbors

With a few sessions of counselling, you will understand the deep-rooted problems that are destroying your child's peace of mind. Sometimes the problems can be traced to family problems like tensions between the parents. It can also be bullying at school, mental or physical abuse, or one among the various other common problems your child faces, but is afraid of telling the parents.

Your child deserves a healthy, positive environment and a stress-free life. If you can't understand what is ailing your child, you can't make any changes. That is why we try to identify the exact causes of stress and suggest ways to avoid the stressful situations to help your child better handle his/her situations.

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