Thursday, 19 March 2015

Why Family Courts in Kerala Have Counsellors and What they Do to Troubled Relations

Family courts in Kerala have family counsellors. Read on to find out why.

Divorce or ending of a relationship is not a happy experience for anybody. Kerala families and society see divorce as a taboo. And, ending relationship is not a quick solution for any problems. Divorce is not a permanent solution. In addition, it is a good thing if marriages started on a happy note can stay that way.

Divorce prevention counselling is designed to help couples keep their married life happy for years to come. In that sense, the family counsellors at family courts in Kerala do a great service to young couples. Even if you are on the verge of divorce, you can iron out the differences and restart your family life – as it is a new life.

Counseling ordered by Family Courts also serves another purpose – giving important legal information about family assets, child custody, etc. People don't have a clear idea about how assets will be divided, who gets the custody of children, and other important parts related to divorce. With family counseling ordered by family courts, such issues are solved to a great extent.

People are Reluctant Seeing a Counsellor

There are several reasons why people feel bad about seeing a counsellor. For some, it is discomfort  talking personal details to a total stranger. For others, it is about the taboo of seeking help on family matters. Whatever the reason, people try to avoid counselling – even if it is for saving a marriage. However, such reservations are unwarranted and a professional counsellor works according to professional and ethical standards. Your private matters will remain confidential and the details you share won't be used against you.

At times, people are also deterred by incompetent advice by well-meaning friends and relatives. When they see signs of trouble in a family, they'd say things like 'this is a phase' and 'you will get over it'. They are from well-meaning friends. Well-meaning doesn't translate to desirable results. If you want to get over marriage problems, you may need to seek professional help when needed. No, it is not 'just a phase' that 'will pass'. When things go wrong, you need help.

And, it is strategically proven that couples who seek counselling and help reduce the chance of a divorce and they will find happiness within the family. This is one reason why family courts don't allow divorces before advising couples to go through counselling.

Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor

When you see a counsellor and take counselling sessions, you will see marked improvements in relationships. You will experience less panic, less anxiety and less relationship issues. You will feel motivated about leading a happier life than in the past. You will take control over stress, tensions and family issues. You will have better understanding of abusive relationships, and remedies for abuse. Marked improvements in sexuality, quality of life and mindfulness are other benefits of getting the support of a professional counsellor.

You may need only a few sessions of counselling to understand the underlying troubles, learn effective means of handling stressful situations and having a great sense of purpose in life.

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